Plenty of DIY Christmas tree ideas are out there to help people celebrate the festive season with a difference. Traditionally, any Christmas must have a dedicated tree with decorations to add glamor to it. Just because it is a traditional practice to include a Christmas tree during the festive season doesn’t mean that you should follow the regular decorations as well. Throwing in some DIY decorations gives you a chance of enjoying Christmas with a personalized touch. Also, a Christmas tree that is decorated according to your preference helps you to utilize your creativity. Here are some DIY Christmas tree decorations that are easy and fun to pull off.



This one stands among the simplest DIY Christmas tree ideas you can imagine. It entails several balloons that are tied together to form a tree. Ideally, choose deep green balloons to make it have a relevant theme. You can then add tiny balloons of different colors all around to spice up the look. Here, you will have to tie several balloons to form the large base of the tree, then reduce the numbers as you make the tree look tall. You can make it as tall as you prefer, but keep in mind that too many balloons might not stand upright.



Do you have some hard-cover books that you don’t use? You can utilize them and make a Christmas tree out of them. With this Christmas tree idea, the stacked books should not be too high, lest they fall over. Also, you will need to be keen to choose the right sizes that will give out the shape of a tree. Start by placing the largest book to act as the base of the tree, then add other books as they decrease in size. You can then place a star at the top book to enhance the look. It is one of the DIY Christmas tree ideas that come with a sweet touch of uniqueness.



If you were thinking of throwing away the egg crates in the house, you need to think again. These little items can make a huge impact this Christmas. You can make an elegant Christmas tree imitation with the egg crates in your house. It can be an easier work for you if the egg crates are already green, compared to the white crates. Suppose you have the white egg crates, you’ll be needed paint them ahead of time. It is all about stacking then as you reduce the numbers to create a solid tree-like model. Other ornaments can be added just to make it extra beautiful. This is also among the DIY Christmas tree ideas that are fun to set up.



Rather than spending too much money on a Christmas tree or other related items, you can simply use the ladder in your garage to create your own. This is one of the DIY Christmas tree ideas that looks stylish and will look even more elegant when you introduce light in the dark. It is very simple to set up, because it is all about placing the ladder to stand up, then adding the lights and other items to beautify it. You can also add some wood across the steps if you want to place more items. The tree might not be as appealing as such during the day, but you will enjoy the view when darkness crawls in.