Halloween season is just around the corner, and we have four interesting DIY Halloween treats for you to make at home. For kids, Halloween only means one thing and that is candy, in whatever form or shape they can get it. So why not be creative and make your own Halloween candy treats stand out. You can take a lot of inspiration from Halloween season. Being creative with your Halloween treats does not take a lot of skill. It takes a willingness to try something new and maybe a touch of your own baking magic. Here are four ideas for you to try or to get you own creative juices flowing.



These pumpkin treats look great and will get you in the Halloween mood. The main ingredients are crispy rice, marshmallow, and mini Twix bars. The crispy rice is colored orange which will give it that pumpkin look. The marshmallow holds everything together and for the leaves, green dyed marzipan or fondant is used. And on top, a Twix bar will represent the stem.

These DIY Halloween treats are fun and tasty. It is more exciting than the regular crispy rice treats and people will eat these with their eyes. Put this colorful pumpkin treat on your own homemade Halloween treats list. If you are looking for more dessert ideas like this, check out this page as fast as you can, you won’t regret it!



This red and white treat will put some color on your treats table. The red-dyed corn syrup poured over an apple covered in white chocolate is aptly named Snow White’s Poisoned Apple. It is easy to make and puts a Halloween spin on the original sugar coated apple. It is easy to make and you can try all sorts of different colors with it, just remember then to change the name as well.

These DIY Halloween treats will be perfect for you if you have little children that are still familiar with the story of Snow White. It will definitely get their own imaginations going. And hopefully, you will also draw inspiration from this.


Build your own Halloween candy graveyard. With a few cups of mousse, dark chocolate and a cookie you can. This treat is not an on-the-go type of treat, but you can keep this in the back of your mind in case you have friends or family over that you want to impress. These DIY Halloween treats are really easy to make and look great. All you need to do is place chocolate mousse in a cup, cover it with grated dark chocolate, which will you be soil, and place a tombstone on it in the form of a cookie. Be creative with what you write on the cookie, or you can go for the generic RIP.



Turn your cupcake into a Frankenstein. Like most DIY Halloween treats, you take a classic treat, like the cupcake, and dress it up to match the Halloween season. This is exactly what you do here. With green frosting, you can scalp Frankenstein’s face. The eyes are chocolate M&Ms “glued” to the cupcake with white chocolate. The ears are formed using chocolate chips. The hair, eyebrows, and mouth are chocolate sprinkles and to finish it off, the red frosting was used to represent Frankenstein’s stitches. With cupcakes, you can do just about anything. Take this as inspiration and create something even better.