Plenty of DIY Christmas tree ideas are out there to help people celebrate the festive season with a difference. Traditionally, any Christmas must have a dedicated tree with decorations to add glamor to it. Just because it is a traditional practice to include a Christmas tree during the festive season doesn’t mean that you should follow the regular decorations as well. Throwing in some DIY decorations gives you a chance of enjoying Christmas with a personalized touch. Also, a Christmas tree that is decorated according to your preference helps you to utilize your creativity. Here are some DIY Christmas tree decorations that are easy and fun to pull off.



This one stands among the simplest DIY Christmas tree ideas you can imagine. It entails several balloons that are tied together to form a tree. Ideally, choose deep green balloons to make it have a relevant theme. You can then add tiny balloons of different colors all around to spice up the look. Here, you will have to tie several balloons to form the large base of the tree, then reduce the numbers as you make the tree look tall. You can make it as tall as you prefer, but keep in mind that too many balloons might not stand upright.



Do you have some hard-cover books that you don’t use? You can utilize them and make a Christmas tree out of them. With this Christmas tree idea, the stacked books should not be too high, lest they fall over. Also, you will need to be keen to choose the right sizes that will give out the shape of a tree. Start by placing the largest book to act as the base of the tree, then add other books as they decrease in size. You can then place a star at the top book to enhance the look. It is one of the DIY Christmas tree ideas that come with a sweet touch of uniqueness.



If you were thinking of throwing away the egg crates in the house, you need to think again. These little items can make a huge impact this Christmas. You can make an elegant Christmas tree imitation with the egg crates in your house. It can be an easier work for you if the egg crates are already green, compared to the white crates. Suppose you have the white egg crates, you’ll be needed paint them ahead of time. It is all about stacking then as you reduce the numbers to create a solid tree-like model. Other ornaments can be added just to make it extra beautiful. This is also among the DIY Christmas tree ideas that are fun to set up.



Rather than spending too much money on a Christmas tree or other related items, you can simply use the ladder in your garage to create your own. This is one of the DIY Christmas tree ideas that looks stylish and will look even more elegant when you introduce light in the dark. It is very simple to set up, because it is all about placing the ladder to stand up, then adding the lights and other items to beautify it. You can also add some wood across the steps if you want to place more items. The tree might not be as appealing as such during the day, but you will enjoy the view when darkness crawls in.


Halloween season is just around the corner, and we have four interesting DIY Halloween treats for you to make at home. For kids, Halloween only means one thing and that is candy, in whatever form or shape they can get it. So why not be creative and make your own Halloween candy treats stand out. You can take a lot of inspiration from Halloween season. Being creative with your Halloween treats does not take a lot of skill. It takes a willingness to try something new and maybe a touch of your own baking magic. Here are four ideas for you to try or to get you own creative juices flowing.



These pumpkin treats look great and will get you in the Halloween mood. The main ingredients are crispy rice, marshmallow, and mini Twix bars. The crispy rice is colored orange which will give it that pumpkin look. The marshmallow holds everything together and for the leaves, green dyed marzipan or fondant is used. And on top, a Twix bar will represent the stem.

These DIY Halloween treats are fun and tasty. It is more exciting than the regular crispy rice treats and people will eat these with their eyes. Put this colorful pumpkin treat on your own homemade Halloween treats list. If you are looking for more dessert ideas like this, check out this page as fast as you can, you won’t regret it!



This red and white treat will put some color on your treats table. The red-dyed corn syrup poured over an apple covered in white chocolate is aptly named Snow White’s Poisoned Apple. It is easy to make and puts a Halloween spin on the original sugar coated apple. It is easy to make and you can try all sorts of different colors with it, just remember then to change the name as well.

These DIY Halloween treats will be perfect for you if you have little children that are still familiar with the story of Snow White. It will definitely get their own imaginations going. And hopefully, you will also draw inspiration from this.


Build your own Halloween candy graveyard. With a few cups of mousse, dark chocolate and a cookie you can. This treat is not an on-the-go type of treat, but you can keep this in the back of your mind in case you have friends or family over that you want to impress. These DIY Halloween treats are really easy to make and look great. All you need to do is place chocolate mousse in a cup, cover it with grated dark chocolate, which will you be soil, and place a tombstone on it in the form of a cookie. Be creative with what you write on the cookie, or you can go for the generic RIP.



Turn your cupcake into a Frankenstein. Like most DIY Halloween treats, you take a classic treat, like the cupcake, and dress it up to match the Halloween season. This is exactly what you do here. With green frosting, you can scalp Frankenstein’s face. The eyes are chocolate M&Ms “glued” to the cupcake with white chocolate. The ears are formed using chocolate chips. The hair, eyebrows, and mouth are chocolate sprinkles and to finish it off, the red frosting was used to represent Frankenstein’s stitches. With cupcakes, you can do just about anything. Take this as inspiration and create something even better.


The ASUS X550JX laptop is a device that is designed with magnificent beauty, excellent performance and a wide range of in-built features. It has an Intel Core- i7-4720HQ processor that boasts of stock speeds of up to 2.6GHz. It can be upgraded to 3.6GHz courtesy of the Intel Turbo boost technology. Since the processor requires little power, users can enjoy extended battery life. The NVIDIA GeForce 950M graphics gives users intensive gaming experience and optimal performance courtesy of the DirectX 11 support, CUDA and dynamic PhysX effects.

The 15.6 inch widescreen provides resolutions of 1920* 1080 (full HD) and 1366* 768 (automatic HD) and an aspect ratio of 16:9, thus enabling users to play-back full content without necessarily letterboxing. Since it has a unique matte finish, it can be used even in environments that are brightly lit. The ASUS X550JX laptop is designed with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi which gives it enhanced performance, extended battery life and wider coverage. The in-built V4.0 Bluetooth allows users to conveniently connect the laptop to other Bluetooth-compatible devices.

The unique IceCool Technology effectively prevents build-up of heat on the palms, thus ensuring that the user is always comfortable.



1. Magnificent beauty: the laptop is among the leading products in the market because of its incredible beauty and capability to redefine users’ expectations. The patterned palm rests and spun-circle finish gives elegance and sophistication to conventional computing.

2. Excellent performance:
the device is fitted with all the essentials, and therefore gives users smooth computing experience. It’s ideal for carrying out productive work and also for entertainment purposes. It powers up extremely fast, and can recover from sleep mode within two seconds.

3. High quality sound: the ASUS Audio wizard and Sonic Master Technology enable the laptop to produce crystal-clear sound.


The body is made using high quality plastic, while the cover is glossy and not easily susceptible to smudges or finger prints. It’s black in color, with bright red stripes that run across it, thus making it appear exceptionally beautiful.

Its bottom can be flipped open to allow upgrading of the RAM, access to the Wi-Fi card or changing of the HDD.


1. General

Operating system: 64bit Windows 8.1

Weight: 2.5kg/ 5.4lb

Keyboard: Standard Notebook keyboard

Dimensions: 38.1cm* 3.0cm* 25.1cm

Pointing device: Touchpad

Battery: 44 -Watt Lithium ion battery (with 4 cells)

2. Performance

Graphics card: 2GB Dedicated type with pre-installed NVIDIA GeForce

Processor: Intel Core- i7-4720HQ (2.6GHz) or Intel Core- i5-4200HQ (2.6GHz) Quad Core (fourth generation Haswell).

Memory: 1600MHz –DDR3L SDRAM with a capacity of 8GB

3. Communication

Network: 10/ 100/ 1000 Megabits/Second Gigabit Ethernet

Bluetooth: in-built V4.0 Bluetooth

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n

Camera: VGA web camera

4. Display

Resolution: 1920* 1080 full HD and 1366* 768 automatic HD

Type: widescreen

Finish: anti-glare

Screen size: 15.6 inches

Aspect ratio: 16: 9

5. Output/Input connectors

Flash media slot: SD/ SDXC/ SDHC (3 in 1)

Ports: 1 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0

Audio: microphone and headphone combo jack, integrated stereo speakers and an integrated microphone

LAN insert: RJ45 jack

Display: VGA and HDMI

6. Storage

Optical drive: multi-DVD burner

Hard drive: 1TB 5400 rpm SATA hard drive

500 GB -HDD 5400

1 TB -HDD 7200

750 GB- HDD 5400

500 GB -HDD 7200

1 TB -HDD 5400

7. Power adapter

Input: 110-240V AC/ 50-60Hz

Output: 19V DC, 120W, 3.4A

8. Security

BIOS user password protection and Kensington lock.

black asus laptop


In addition to the laptop, the whole package consists of a charger, mouse and driver DVD.


A new ASUS X550JX laptop comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year that covers fire damage, accidental dropping, power surges and spills according to DiGiPrime Laptops.